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    • KHC

      Yeah, fuck this guy. Memphis would still be the program it is today without Derrick and Calipari. Memphis would have garnered notoriety on its own, without cheating. Memphis is for sure a blue blood program that every top recruit dreams of playing for. Derrick would have never made it to the NBA and cashed in if hadn’t cheated on the SAT and attended Memphis (or college for that matter). Derrick’s anatomical make up is definitely a result of what happened at Memphis. And if it weren’t for Derrick (the asshole/shady-ass liar) and Calipari (the snake oil salesman), Memphis would have, in fact, beat Kansas in 08’. Fuck this guy, he deserves to have one potentially career crippling injuring after another. And no, I’m not a petty asshole for saying this about a man that I’ve never met.

    • KHC

      Anyone that hates on this article is missing the entire point of the article. It’s not about an opinion of what Derrick may, or may not, have done to the Heat…or if he’s only played a handful of games, compared to what his career should have/will amount to…or about anyone’s petty opinion of a truly emotionally (and physically) broken man. It’s about what Derrick means to the city of Chicago. It’s about Derrick’s devotion to the game. It’s about Derrick’s devotion to his City.

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