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    12 Things You Discover When You Explore Facebook's "Other" Folder

    In addition to messages from your old high school classmates, the person trying to promote their latest blog post, and the guy/girl you just friended the week before who is trying to flirt, there's a separate category of Facebook messages that are so extreme...well, Facebook decides to filter them and put them in your "other" folder. Yes. Other folder. Some are funny, some are creepy, and some...just don't make sense.

    1. Tigers that can't spell.

    2. Grammar problems.

    3. People U don't know.

    4. Wannabe rappers.

    5. Namedroppers.

    6. Red flags.

    7. TMI.

    8. Greek gods.

    9. Creepy hollering.

    10. Stalkers.

    11. Driving advice and religious blessings?

    12. Things you just don't understand.