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    What Convinced Me To Get The Covid-19 Vaccine

    Just like the majority of people, Covid-19 changed the complete structure of my life. Yet, when a promising solution came knocking, it took me a minute to consider being vaccinated. Here is the reason I finally decided to get vaccinated and pushed my family and friends to do the same.

    My Journey from doubt to belief in the Covid-19 Vaccine.

    Before we begin, I would like to introduce my self to all of you. I am currently a Junior at college and just like everyone else a victim to the havoc wrecked by Covid-19. In March of 2020, while I was still a freshman, my university closed down due to rising Covid cases in the country. Being a struggling student, online school ruined my chances at getting a the GPA I was working hard towards and my mental health crashed over the next few months.

    I was privileged enough to have a home, access to medication, food and other necessities that people all over the world had lost but being quarantined led me to re-live the anxiety and panic attacks that I had worked very hard to control. During this time, my family, which comprised of doctors working on the front line, contracted Covid-19 and the fear I saw further deteriorated the situation around me. I heard stories of hospitals exceeding their capacity, people losing their loved ones and the uncertainty of the situation increased.

    One night, around 12 am, I got a call from a friend I had not talked to in years. We had had a bad falling out and I was surprised as to why she was decided to reach out. I picked up the phone and heard her sobbing, telling me that her grandmother was in a critical condition after contracting Covid and there was no hospital willing to admit her. She asked me to talk to my family (who were currently working as Covid healthcare providers), to see if there was any hospital that would take her grandmother. Even after asking every contact I possibly could, I could not find an empty hospital bed and got to know her grandmother had passed away. I was shattered and felt helpless because I felt responsible for my inability to help.

    Eventually, when the vaccine came to the market, people around me erupted with conspiracies. Each one of them convincing the other of everything that could go wrong. I was fearful because having seen loss so close, there was this inherent fear attached to everything regarding this virus. I spent months doing research on the vaccine, keeping up with every trial and new that came out. My final reason for getting the Covid-19 vaccine, was the probability of chance. I was made aware of the fact that a single decision on my part held the life of multitudes of people, most importantly my parents and my family. I could not live with the selfishness that my doubt that was baseless could affect vulnerable lives. I decided to get vaccinated, and it is the best decision I ever made because every time I see the pain Covid-19 has caused, I know I took a small but important step in marking a secure and healthy future for me and everyone around me.

    I would urge everyone reading this to get vaccinated because you owe to yourself and the people around you for achieving a world that is happier and safer.