12 Things You Learn As The Parent of A Craft-Loving Preschooler

The first time your kid picked up some crayons and scribbled, it was magical - he’s making art! But by the time a few more years have gone by, you’ve learned a few things…

1. 1. You can never have enough empty toilet paper rolls.

Seriously, kids can think of a million uses for these, and a good supply can probably get you fifteen to twenty minutes of peace and quiet. Your bathroom looks slightly less classy when you put them on the counter rather than throwing them out, but it’s probably already full of kid stuff anyway.

2. 2. Ditto for crayons….

You will genuinely consider buying the class packs for use at home.

3. 3. …because soon they’ll all look like this.

4. 4. Better get some colored pencils and markers, too…

Once they know there’s a world beyond crayons, you can never go back.

5. 5. In fact, just accept that you’ll be turning a disturbing percentage of your income over to Crayola.

6. 6. Buy your pom poms in bulk.

Also buttons, feathers, sequins, and pretty well anything else you can stick on construction paper or cardboard.

7. 7. And don’t forget the glue.

Did you know it comes in gallon bottles? You do now.

8. 8. Glitter glue is the best stuff ever!

At least it will confine the glitter to lumps that you can (hopefully) scrape off the floor.

9. 9. Your house is full of mutant scissors like these…

…because you’re on a permanent quest to find a pair that your kid can use alone, but that actually cuts something.

10. 10. The happiest day in your house may be when you discover that Mister Maker has a YouTube channel.

Even the most creative kids can use some extra ideas sometimes, and his projects are mostly achievable (with a little help).

11. 11. Your house will look like this a lot of the time.

It’s hard to motivate yourself to make sure it’s cleaned up when the next art project is starting in five minutes.

12. 12. But when the project is all done, you’ll still think it’s pretty amazing.

Now, who’s got two paper plates, some googly eyes, and a vivid imagination?

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