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    21 Signs Went To High School In NOVA

    Northern Virginia: The County that thinks it's a city, but is really just filled with desperate housewives.

    1. This was your phone

    2. Wrecked your car?

    No worries, here's a new and even more expensive one!


    "Thanks, mom and dad!"




    3. You wrote illeligible words on your body for football games


    Maybe we should have had handwriting classes through high school too...

    4. You got Starbucks frappuccinos with your girlfriends on the reg.

    5. You knew your BFF would decorate your locker for your birthday

    6. Each year an organization tried to raise money selling carnations on Valentine's Day


    And your soul was crushed when you didn't get one.

    This is when you realized Mean Girls wasn't very realistic...


    No one in high school has as many secret admirers as Glen Coco did.

    7. The only way you were getting into college was if you pushed yourself and took all AP classes

    ... Yet you still got into the same school as the dumb jock.

    8. The most badass thing you did was go off grounds for lunch


    It was always an adrenaline rush sneaking past the lone security guard!

    9. Everyone and their mom had the furry hooded jackets...

    No, really, NOVA moms had them too

    Via Flickr: 26677520@N07

    Because if you are a mom in NOVA, chances are you're trying to be "in" with your kids and their friends.

    10. Uggs were the definition of style and class

    11. Aggressive driving doesn't phase you in the least

    12. Nope, these faces are not unfamiliar

    13. You always tried to be the first out of the school parking lot at the end of the day


    Isn't that the kid from algebra class?

    14. Whether you were on JV or Varsity was a huge deal


    The mild-mannered Junior Varsity team...


    Verses the fun, popular Varsity team!

    15. You joined SGA just so you could paint the school walls


    Oh, how artsy of you!

    16. Everyone had poor hallway etiquette

    17. "Promposals" were nervewracking for both parties


    Girls wondered if and how they would be asked, while guys went to elaborate feats to get a girl to go to prom with them.

    In case you're in that boat now, check out these fun ways to "prompose."

    18. Letterman jackets were a symbol of status


    The more pins the better!

    19. Getting a senior superlative was better than any other award imaginable


    This gal got "best personal style"! Wow!

    20. If you were lucky, you got to go to Beach Week

    21. And finally, Senior picture day


    Senioritis was a thing, guys.

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