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    10 New Year's Resolutions I Wish People Would Make

    Instead of the empty promises to go to the gym more or lose 20 pounds, I would like to see some resolutions that would benefit your fellow mankind.

    1. Eat More Gluten


    Because what did gluten ever do to you? Instead of cutting it out of your diet, cut the sugary crap instead. Sour Patch Kids are NOT healthier than a cupcake just because they're "gluten-free."

    2. Stop The PDA on Social Media

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    Haven't you heard of texting? Maybe it's OK on an anniversary ("Month-iversaries" don't count), but people don't think it is cute and won't be jealous about how great your relationship is-- they'll just be annoyed. After seeing Jerry's PDA, I think we all realize what we were doing is wrong... So wrong.

    3. Talk Less About How Much You Go To The Gym


    Instead of writing countless Facebook posts about how you are at the gym or on your way to the gym, try going quietly to do your workout. People will notice the progress later and frankly don't really care to see your daily check-in.

    4. Cut Back On The Selfies


    Or, better yet, resolve to never take one again. We all know you took that photo 20 times until your hair, face, and the lighting was perfect. And don't even start with the #nofilter business. Let's all band together to rid the dictionary of "selfie" all together!

    5. Don't Play The "My Life Is Worse Than Yours" Game


    People get stressed sometimes; but if I mention a project I am working on, don't go off on a long tangent of all the things you need to do. I get it, you have more work than me. Sucks to be you.

    6. Never Watch The Kardashians, Ever Again


    Because why should we make someone more famous for just "being famous"?

    7. Realize That Your Birthday Is Not A National Holiday


    And there is NO SUCH THING as a "Birthday Week!!!" You get one day- make it a good one.

    8. Stop Using Facebook As A Template For Your Own Autobiography


    This diagram is nice, but let's face it. 99% of statuses created fall into "Region A".

    9. Don't Commit To Something You Don't Intend On Going To


    By the time you are 20+, you have to realize it is OKAY to say you don't want to do something. If you're going to cancel at the last minute, though, have a better fake cough than Karen's.

    10. Learn To Laugh At Yourself


    Don't take yourself or others too seriously. Life is too short to not enjoy every minute of it. Happy New Year!

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