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Trinidad & Tobago's 10 Most Beautiful Women Of The Decade

After being asked by family, friends and strangers why I've got two "men" lists and no "women" lists, I enlisted the help of two Trini deejays to turn this canvas into a work of beautiful. Can I get a woop-woop? Trini-girl power!

Keira G. Camacho • 2 years ago

Trinidad & Tobago's 17 Hottest Sportsmen Of The Moment

Like every other country across the globe, Trinidad and Tobago is preparing for the biggest sporting event on the planet. To celebrate the nation's 17th appearance at a Summer Olympics, we've compiled a list of the country's 17 hottest 'of-the-moment' sportsmen, the first four of whom you'll see at Rio 2016.

Keira G. Camacho • 3 years ago

Every Time Jeff Wight Has Stolen Our Hearts & Taught Us A Life Lesson

Trini rockstar Jeffrey Wight is beautiful, talented and enigmatic. He's the prince charming of every girl's Disney fantasy, but he's also honest, relatable and effing hilarious, which makes him a God among men.

Keira G. Camacho • 3 years ago

Trinidad & Tobago’s 12 Sexiest Celebrity Bachelors

In the vein of People, Cosmo and VH1's annual lists of 'Hollywood's hottest bachelors', here are Trinidad and Tobago's sexiest celebrity bachelors. Four musicians, three models, an actor, an illusionist, a socialite, a chef and a DJ make the list...and it's highly likely these 12 hunks account for 90% of the twin-island's contribution to global warming, just by being so damn hot.

Keira G. Camacho • 3 years ago