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Masonic Trivia

(All credit for Q&A goes to Paul M. Bessel)

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  1. 1. When was the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia founded, and who was its first Grand Master?

    It was founded in 1776, and its first Grand Master was Brother George Washington
    It was founded in 1776, and its first Grand Master was Valentine Reintzel
    It was founded in 1811, and its first Grand Master was Valentine Reintzel
    It was founded in 1811, and its first Grand Master was Benjamin B. French
  2. 2. How many Landmarks of Freemasonry are there, and where do they come from?

    25, written by Albert G. Mackey and printed in the D.C. Code book
    6, explained by Roscoe Pound, a prominent Mason and Dean of Harvard Law School
    3, adopted by the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America
    No one knows — most Grand Lodges, including D.C., have not adopted any Landmarks
  3. 3. Where in the Bible can you find the story of Hiram Abif as we tell it in the Master Mason’s degree?

    The Book of Genesis
    The Book of Hiram
    The Book of Naphtali
    It’s not in the Bible at all
  4. 4. When and where does solid evidence indicate that Freemasonry begin?

    It began in King Solomon’s time, about 1,000 B.C., in Jerusalem.
    It began with Adam, at the start of the world.
    It began in England, toward the end of the 1600s and early 1700s.
    It began in the United States, in 1800.
  5. 5. Who were the “Ancients” and the “Moderns”?

    A rock group from the 1970s
    Old men and young men in the early 1900s who argued about what our Grand Lodge should be called.
    British Masons in the late 1700s who disagreed about membership, ritual, and other aspects of Freemasonry
    Groups in India who developed mystical ideas about Freemasonry and Hinduism.
  6. 6. How many of the 41 men who have been U.S. Presidents were Freemasons?

    A majority of them, 25
    All 41 of them.
    14 of them, if you don’t include the one who was an EA but didn’t become a Master Mason.
    Only 5 of them, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman.
  7. 7. What was the “Enlightenment” and how did it relate to Freemasonry?

    The Enlightenment was a philosophical and political movement of the 1700s, that promoted the use of rational thinking and science to improve society. Its ideas became included in Freemasonry
    The Enlightenment was a group of people in the 1800s who attacked Freemasonry because they felt it was a counterfeit religion that was attempting to destroy Christianity and Judaism.
    The Enlightenment was the name of a book written by a famous Mason in the early 1900s who urged the elimination of war and bigotry throughout the world, and the spread of Masonic concepts of brotherhood.
    The Enlightenment was a 1950s rock group made up of Masons who tried to encourage young men and women to join Demolay and Jobs Daughters and the Rainbow groups.
  8. 8. Where did most Masonic ritual come from?

    It was written in the Bible.
    It was written by 2 men — an Englishman of the late 1700s named William Preston, and an American of the early 1800s named Thomas Smith Webb.
    It was written by Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin in the 1700s.
    It was written in books written in King Solomon’s time and rediscovered in the 1600s in caves in the Holy Land.
  9. 9. What are Masons required to keep secret?

    Everything about Freemasonry
    Everything that happens in Lodge meetings.
    The names of all Masons.
    Due guards, signs, handshakes, and the exact words of rituals.
  10. 10. Who were Allen E. Roberts and John J. Robinson?

    The founders of Federal Lodge #1 in the late 1700s
    Authors of books about Freemasonry. They died in the 1990s.
    The only 2 men who were elected Grand Masters of the United States in the 1800s
    2 Masons who always sat next to each other in Lodge because their names were close in alphabetical order.
  11. 11. What is the Scottish Rite called the Scottish Rite?

    It was started in Scotland
    Its degrees are based on Scottish folk tales
    The man who founded it was named John Scottish
    The people who started it thought the name sounded exotic
  12. 12. Who decides which Grand Lodges are regular and recognized?

    Each Grand Lodge decides for itself.
    The Conference of Grand Masters of the United States decides.
    The World Conference of Grand Masters decides.
    The United Grand Lodge of England decides.
  13. 13. Where is the largest Masonic library in the world?

    The George Washington Masonic National Memorial
    New York
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  14. 14. The Knights Templar of the 1200s, who some think were the forerunners of Freemasons, were —

    Soldiers and Princes and Kings
    Soldiers and bankers
    Soldiers and leaders of the strongest families in Europe
    Soldiers and Popes
  15. 15. How was Freemasonry involved in the inauguration of President George Washington in 1789?

    Washington was a Mason.
    Washington was a Mason, and the man who administered the oath, Robert Livingston, was a Mason.
    Washington and Livingston were Masons, and Washington used the Bible belonging to the nearest Masonic Lodge to take his oath.
    Washington and Livingston were Masons, Washington used a Masonic Bible, and Washington said, “So Mote It Be” after he took his oath as President.
  16. 16. Where did the first Grand Lodge in England meet in 1717?

    In Freemasons’ Hall
    In a hotel ballroom
    In an open field, to allow room for everyone
    In a tavern, called “Goose and Gridiron”

Masonic Trivia

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