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16 Images That Will Only Make Sense If You Have A Hunger Problem

There's hungry, and then there's hungry hungry. Don't let it get that bad again with the new Zinger Stacker Burger from KFC!

1. Firstly, there's the calm before the storm.

2. And then things tend to escalate pretty quickly.

3. This level of hunger can manifest itself in several ways. Anger...

4. ...hysterical despair...

5. ...full detachment from reality...

6. ...and suddenly all you can think about is food. All you can SEE is food.


7. It's like FOOD INCEPTION. Or something.


9. In your quest for a cure, sometimes you make some questionable decisions.

10. Like rationalising chugging that bottle of hot sauce on your desk to tide you over.

11. Nighttime can be difficult.

12. While going out for food has its issues too.

13. And if you go hungry for too long, things tend to get a bit fuzzy.

14. And before long, people start to put everything down to a lack of food.

15. Before you realise, the transformation has already been completed.

16. Because you no longer become "hungry hungry". IT BECOMES YOU.

But wait... WE'VE FOUND A CURE. It's the new KFC Zinger Stacker Burger, the SAVIOUR from being hungry hungry!