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14 People Whose Hunger Got The Better Of Them

Everything starts to fall apart when you get hungry hungry.

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1. When you skipped lunch but have to play in a grand slam this afternoon:

2. When you're daydreaming about lunch but are also driving a forklift:

3. "Sorry, boss. I was thinking about chicken."

4. When you're about to punch, but the hunger makes you see a cake and you can't punch a cake, man:

5. When you're the best man, but haven't eaten in like two hours and you're starting to feel faint:

6. When you're an archaeologist, but you've got a dinner reservation in 10 minutes:

7. When your mum says you can only have dinner once you've finished your chores:

8. When you really need a snack, so you hurry things along, but the machine has other ideas:

9. This lady now understands that skipping breakfast makes you invisible:

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10. "This is why we hire professionals, Dave."

11. When bae asks you to come over, but they don't have any food at home:

12. "Backflip into the lake for free food," they said. "It'll be worth it," they said."

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13. When you're racing to dinner, but your motorcycle wants to go swimming:

14. "Mate, you better get back. There's only one doughnut left."

Being hungry is bad. But being hungry hungry is the actual worst. THE WORST. Have no fear, fellow hungry folk, for KFC has the perfect solution: the new Zinger Stacker Burger.

Nab one before it disappears on 24th April. Quick, quick, go!

Nab one before it disappears on 24th April. Quick, quick, go!