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Here's Why KFC Will Win The Canadian Chicken Sandwich Wars

This is a whole different kind of chicken fight.

In case you haven't heard, KFC is throwing themselves into the chicken sandwich wars with their Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich. Bow down, other chicken sandwiches, and let us explain why we have an early winner on our hands.

1. KFC is the throwing the first punch in this chicken sandwich rumble in Canada.

A hand on a white background throwing a punch where the fist is the Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich.

2. And of course, their famous fried chicken is the star of this sandwich.

The Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich is sitting on a piece of slate against a dark background. Emojis with hearts in their eyes are scattered across the image.

3. The chicken is buttermilk marinated and hand-breaded. Pure fried chicken bliss!

4. Those buns? Heavenly.

The Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich is on top of parchment paper that has Colonel Sanders's illustrated head on it. The sandwich is against a black background.

5. You can get the sandwich with spicy mayo or without — and we do love options.

6. Those toppings? They'll make you weak in the knees and begging for mercy.

7. KFC has always been the GOAT of delish fried chicken.

A close-up of a hand holding the Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich on a street with greenery blurred out in the background.

8. You can pair it with any of your other KFC faves — like popcorn chicken, fries and gravy, or poutine.

Pick up the new Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich at participating KFC locations across the country today!