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Things You Learn When You Try To Make Your Own KFC Chicken

Finger-lickin' harder than it looks.

I love fried chicken, including K-Fry, and KFC wanted to show us exactly how they make their chicken. So I volunteered to go check a KFC and meet Garry, a legend who’s been at KFC for five years. He then let me try to make my own KFC chicken.

The chicken comes like any other chicken you'd buy, which is a good thing.

It's just kept in a fridge bigger than yours, and KFC uses all the household name brands you'd buy yourself from the supermarket – brands like Inghams, Steggles, and Golden Farms.

Everything's done by hand.

You can't just order a bucket of thighs. Sorry.

Every piece is inspected and washed before breading.

It's not just a chuck-it-and-whatever process...unlike most of the cooking I do.

The secret herbs and spices come separate.

It's like all places that have secret seasoning, only on a grand scale. And only a handful of people actually know the exact secrets.

It smells amazing even before cooked.

These guys put a lot of care and prep into laying out a tray.

It actually takes time to cook.

Twelve minutes, exactly. Which is actually a really long time in restaurant world.

After cooking, each piece is carefully inspected.

Garry is a legend, and his favourite piece is the thigh.

I suck at making KFC chicken.

Garry checked out the batch I did, and he said six of them weren't up to scratch because I didn't bread them right or prep them right.

No tricks. Every piece of original recipe chicken you get isn't premade and just reheated. It's all made in store with the same chickens you'd make at home...only this chicken gets the Colonel’s 11 secret herbs and spices you love.