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9 Genius KFC Menu Hacks

It's a chicken remix.

Everyone knows KFC is home to some damn tasty chicken. But with a little imagination, you can use the Colonel's finest as a base to make some pretty great creations of your own.

Here's the lowdown on how to hack the KFC menu to whip up some delicious dishes at your place in next to no time at all.

1. BBQ Sauce + Wicked Wings = BBQ Wings

2. Hot Chips + Potato & Gravy + Cheese Curds = Poutine

3. Twister + Corn Chips + Guacamole = Burrito Bowl

4. Popcorn Chicken + Mac 'n' Cheese = Cheesy Chicken Pasta

5. Original Recipe Chicken + Coleslaw + Dinner Roll = Chicken Sliders

6. Twister + Chips = Chicken Gyros

7. Chicken Tenders + Salad + Sauce = Loaded Chicken Salad

8. Chicken Tenders + Pasta Sauce + Cheese = Chicken Parmigiana

9. Popcorn Chicken + Whole Baked Potato + Potato and Gravy = Loaded Jack Potato

All images by Ryan Paturzo & Natalia Krslovic / BuzzFeed.

Swing by KFC on the way home and use their menu to create your own delicious dishes.