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9 Genius KFC Menu Hacks

It's a chicken remix.

Everyone knows KFC is home to some damn tasty chicken. But with a little imagination, you can use the Colonel's finest as a base to make some pretty great creations of your own.

Here's the lowdown on how to hack the KFC menu to whip up some delicious dishes at your place in next to no time at all.

1. BBQ Sauce + Wicked Wings = BBQ Wings

Take your wing game to the next level by coating some in delicious BBQ sauce. Bake them in the oven for 5–10 minutes to help the sauce marinate.

2. Hot Chips + Potato & Gravy + Cheese Curds = Poutine

It's easy to re-create this iconic Canadian dish at home. Place KFC hot chips in a bowl, top with potato and gravy, and sprinkle with cheese curds. Yum!

3. Twister + Corn Chips + Guacamole = Burrito Bowl

Say si to homemade Mexican. Turn your twister into a burrito bowl by emptying the contents into a bowl, baking the tortilla in the oven, reloading your baked tortilla with your twister ingredients, topping with guacamole, and adding corn chips to taste.

4. Popcorn Chicken + Mac 'n' Cheese = Cheesy Chicken Pasta

Bored of your usual pasta dish? Add some popcorn chicken to a bowl of mac 'n' cheese for the ultimate cheesy indulgence.

5. Original Recipe Chicken + Coleslaw + Dinner Roll = Chicken Sliders

Feeling a little fancy? Cut open a dinner roll and stuff with shredded pieces of original recipe chicken and KFC's signature coleslaw.

6. Twister + Chips = Chicken Gyros

Want an easy way to beef up your Twister? Add some extra chips into your KFC Twister for a Greek twist on this classic wrap.

7. Chicken Tenders + Salad + Sauce = Loaded Chicken Salad

You don't have to go hard or go home. This loaded chicken salad is an easy way to make your meal a little healthier without compromising on that great KFC taste.

8. Chicken Tenders + Pasta Sauce + Cheese = Chicken Parmigiana

Add a little pasta sauce and cheese of your choice (we recommend mozzarella) and bake with KFC chicken for a DIY chicken parmi.

9. Popcorn Chicken + Whole Baked Potato + Potato and Gravy = Loaded Jack Potato

The classic jack potato just got an upgrade. Bake a whole potato, hollow with a spoon, stuff with juicy popcorn chicken, and pour potato and gravy all over.

All images by Ryan Paturzo & Natalia Krslovic / BuzzFeed.

Swing by KFC on the way home and use their menu to create your own delicious dishes.