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12 Best Ways To Ask Someone To Prom

Let's be real: There's a lot of pressure. Check out KFC's prom video here for some more laughs.

1. Ride a noble steed up to their bedroom window...

2. Light up their driveway with candles.

3. And if that doesn't work, ask them on top of a mountain.

4. Or, just like, buy them donuts (because who doesn't like donuts?!).

5. If you're feeling a little creative, buy them a living creature.

6. You could even borrow a pup.

7. Or a cuddly cat!

8. GO BIG and unleash a mini horse in their house...

9. ...or put this in their bathroom.

10. Ask them to hold your phone for you for a sec.

11. ...or just casually learn how to make a quilt.

12. And if all that makes you nervous, just write on their car.

Or you know, there are lots of options:

View this video on YouTube / Via KFC