16 Things Every “Star Wars” Fan Needs For A Successful Christmas

Not having R2D2 tree lights is a path to the dark side.

1. This essential Santa Yoda Hat:

Kurt Adler / Via amazon.com

Find here.

2. This Merry Sithmas sweater:

Find here.

3. These cool AT-AT sweaters:

Yellow Bulldog / Via yellowbulldog.co.uk

Find here.

4. This cute AF ornament:

Hallmark / Via amazon.com

Find here.

5. These perfect R2D2 string lights:

Barnes & Noble / Via barnesandnoble.com

Find here.

6. These homey knit stockings:

Target / Via target.com

R2D2, Yoda, Storm Trooper, and Darth Vader Knit Stockings here.

7. And these awesome light-up stockings:

Kohl’s / Via kohls.com

Yoda, R2D2, Darth Vader Stockings.

8. This illuminated R2D2 Santa:

IMPROVEMENTS / Via improvementscatalog.com

Find here.

9. These Return of the Jedi balls of awesomeness:

Merchoid / Via merchoid.com

Find here.

10. This holiday hoodie:

Fifth Sun / Via fifthsun.com

Find here.

11. These ever-so-festive Storm Trooper sweaters:

TV Store Online / Via tvstoreonline.com

Find here.

12. These amazing snowflakes:

Download patterns here.

13. These classy-ass glass ornaments:

Think Geek / Via thinkgeek.com

Storm Trooper and Darth Vader Head glass ornaments here.

14. This stellar cookie cutter set:

Williams-Sonoma / Via williams-sonoma.com

Find here.

15. These ready-to-eat cookies:

PudgePudgeCupcakes / Via etsy.com

Made-to-order here.

16. And last but not least, this melt-in-your-mouth Han Solo treat:

SweetBelleCakes / Via etsy.com

Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Truffles with choice of filling here. (Yes, Nutella is one of the options!)

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