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Posted on Dec 2, 2015

14 Surprising Gifts For Complete And Total Liars

"I don't want anything for Christmas" my ass.

1. This "baggie":

Fred & Friends / Via

Glass Baggie for the avid recycler and re-user.

2. This "sushi":

Firebox / Via

Sushi Socks to turn a sock drawer into a morning smile.

3. This "samurai sword":

Mustard / Via

Samurai Sword Magnetic Bookends for the Michonne in your life.

4. This "book":

Secret Safe Books / Via

Secret Safe Book for the secretive.

5. This "handgun":

ChocolateWeapons / Via

Chocolate Gun in Case for the one who craves death by chocolate.

6. This "dragon egg":

Think Geek / Via

Dragon Egg Cookie Jar for the Khaleesi in your life.

7. These "2D" bags:

Dolls Kill / Via

Cartoon Bags for the larger than life character.

8. This "booze":

Boozy Christmas / Via

Liquor Bottle USB Drives for the drinker with data.

9. This mix "tape":

Suck UK / Via

USB Mix Tape Gift Pack for the retro cool.

10. This "amp":

Marshall Fridge / Via

Marshall Amp Fridge for the rockstar.

Knobs go to 11. (For real!)

11. And this portable "amp":

Aquarius / Via

Fender Amp Lunchbox for the roadie.

12. This "stack of pancakes":

Strapya World / Via

Berry Pancakes Phone Stand for the one who's stuck on Snapchat.

13. These "game controllers":

Digitalsoaps / Via

14. This flying fuck (no air quotes needed):

Gadgets and Gear / Via

Maybe they "don't care" about gifts, but now you can literally give a flying fuck!

GadgetsandGearStore / Via
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