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15 Unexpected Gifts That Will Have You Killing The Gifting Game

Gifting Level: Genius

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1. This glowing home:

House Shaped Lamp, $48.50

2. These family coasters:

Game of Thrones Beer Ceramic Coasters, Set of 5 $30.00

3. This cute AF popcorn popper:

Retro Tabletop Popcorn Popper, $56.99

4. This elegant necklace:

Personalized Monogram Necklace, $32.95 - $43.95

5. This retro cool necklace:

Personalized Polaroid Necklace, $42.90

6. These retro cool cameras:

Lomography Camera, $99 each

7. This ingenious lamp:

8. These perfect rings:

His and Hers Sterling Silver, Sapphires and Rubies Star Wars Ring Set, $940.00

9. This dreamy orb:

Wishing Ball with 52 Slips of Paper, $32

10. This steampunk gem:

USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard, $899DIY Conversion Kit, $99

11. These naturally awesome watches:

Bamboo Watch, $89 each

12. This zen box:

Meditation Box, $85
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15. And finally, this savory pillow:

Taco Plush, $29.99

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