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13 Perfect Holiday Gifts For The Horror Fan In Your Life

Because some like Krampus more than Kris Kringle!

1. Pay a warm homage to the Christmas Devil:

2. Offer some evil spirits:

3. Please the rabid AHS fan:

4. Give a nice vegan leather purse:

5. Help them summon the cenobites:

6. Skeleton bracelet cuff. Nuff said.

7. Alien plushie with extending teeth? Yes, please.

8. Delight the Poe-obsessed:

9. Surprise the H.P. Lovecraft fan:

10. And the Cthulhu worshipper:

11. Surprise your favorite serial killer:

12. ♫♪ Deck the halls with heads of zombies ♪♫

13. Last but not least, festoon the tree with the Christmas Devil: