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13 Magical "Harry Potter"-Inspired Gifts Your S.O. Will Positively Love

♫ All they want for Christmas is you ♫ (JK, they want their Hogwarts letter.)

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1. This magical mood lighting:

Plasmatorium on Etsy, $59.95

2. This meaningful necklace:

The Fandom Market on Etsy, $17.00

3. This timeless necklace:

Harry Potter Shop, $59.95

4. This plush truth:

Ander's Attic on Etsy, $22.00

5. This blanket for when you're ~up to no good~:

Box Lunch, $18.37

6. This diadem for when you build a Room of Requirement:

Noble Collection, $129.00

7. This inspiring nightlight:

AllyBoo's Creations on Etsy, $26.95
AllyBoo's Creations / Via

8. This Marauder's Map comforter:

Hot Topic, $52.12

And these for magical pillow talk:

Box Lunch, $10.87

9. These for your morning coffee together:

AR Stills on Etsy, $18.00.

10. These playful earrings:

Paul Michael Design on Etsy, $155.00

11. This for a magical new chapter together:

Secret Safe Books, $64.00

12. This ring for the win:

Alchemy House on Etsy, $151.52

13. And finally, this dream come true:

Love2Liv on Etsy, $18.00

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