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    15 Insanely Cool Gifts No Sane Person Can Refuse

    Han Solo in carbonite mini fridge? Yes, please.

    1. For the throwback music lover:

    2. For the extremely throwback music lover:

    3. For the sweetheart:

    4. For the carnivorous Parks and Rec Fan:

    5. For the thirsty Star Wars Fan:

    6. For the retro gamer:

    7. For the other retro gamer:

    8. For the office warrior:

    9. For the sentimental friend:

    10. For the friend in need of the "holy spirit":

    11. For the naturalist:

    12. For the musical friend:

    13. For the city dweller:

    14. For the photographer:

    15. And last but not least, for the artistic friend:

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