14 Things Only Environmental Studies Majors Will Understand

It’s not easy being green.

1. When people constantly question the value of your degree

Why would you spend your whole college career studying the ways that humans harm the world? I mean, it’s not like it’s the one planet we have to live on or anything.

2. When someone mistakes you for an Environmental Science major

We do know a thing or two about ecology, but mostly we like to look at the cultural and social aspects of the environment. Sorry.

3. How you feel every time you learn about a new environmental crisis

We’ve got climate change, mass extinction, water scarcity, and any number of other terrifying disasters on the horizon. Gulp.

4. When someone tells you that the world is doomed anyway, so what’s the point

Oh please.

5. How you inevitably felt about your very first environmental professor

And office hours were a dream.

6. When you learn about indigenous cultures whose homes are being destroyed through environmental degradation

And you feel totally and completely helpless. ARGH.

7. How you feel when other people don’t care about the environment the same way that you do

And you get a little melodramatic but you just want everyone to understand!

8. When someone tries to tell you that climate change isn’t real

Seriously? Seriously?

9. When you go to an event and they’re passing out plastic water bottles everywhere

Oh god.

10. How you feel every time you learn about a newly endangered species

They’re just so beautiful and vulnerable, darnit.

11. Sometimes, all the bad news can be a little overwhelming

12. And you feel like everything you do hurts the environment

13. But in the end you don’t let it get you down

14. Because you know, one day, it will all be worth it

Don’t forget: you’re awesome!

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