12 People Who Stuck Their Tongues Out Better Than Miley

They did it first and they did it better.

1. Albert Einstein

The father of motherf*cking physics, y’all

2. Gene Simmons

Also, points for style.

3. Lucille Ball

Queen of comedy and, I might add, my heart.

4. Harry Styles

Brb, heart melting.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When she wasn’t, ya know, slaying vampires.
(For die hard fans I know this is rly Faith a thousand apologies)

6. Mad-Eye Moody

Who somehow managed to simultaneously cross that magical eye.

7. Jack Sparrow

Excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow.

8. The chameleon from Tangled

9. That guy from Blues Clues

10. This hedgehog

12. Pretty much anyone else on earth

13. Put it away, Miley

You can stop. You have to stop. Please stop.

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