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Old Spice Awesomely Pranks The Internet With Fake Ads

Click to buy illegal neck workout machine - I was hoping that was real

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Over the past week, a number of suspicious ads have begun to pop up all over the internet. From solid gold bluetooth headsets to executive spray tan parties, these not-quite-legit seeming ads have been set up to appeal to a select (terrible) type of person. When you click on it, however, the facade quickly fades, and you find out what you're really in for. An internetvention.

The Old Spice guy is here to show you a better way of life. He's also here to not wear a shirt. The websites also allow you to prank any of your friends that might be inclined to the sort of lifestyle displayed in these ads. If you know anyone who might buy black leather sheets, or rent a condo inside of a gym, this just might be the thing for you. You can find the ads here.

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