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These Nodding Atheists Will Make You Cringe

Reddit excavates this painfully pompous call for 'atheist wisdom' from Youtube's early days.

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Reddit's r/cringe dug up this 2007 Youtube video of a Dutch man urging atheists to "nod sagely" to "show the depth of [their] wisdom to the world." In another video, he compared the persecution of atheists to the oppression of black people ("if you're an atheist then you are the cause of all the problems in the world, and some people would like to see . . . atheists go to the back of the bus.")

You can decide what to feel about this:


View this video on YouTube

Shoot however many fish you want in this barrel. Or maybe shrug and call the internet an odd place. Let's just agree that The Architect from "The Matrix Reloaded" definitely has an atheist nod vid somewhere in the Youtube ether: