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    3D Printer Communities Download, Print Free Sex Toys

    Download these fists, dildos, and Justin Biebers and print them at your local 3D printshop.


    When President Barack Obama hailed 3D printing as the future of manufacturing, he probably did not have The Dongiverse in mind.

    Dongiverse began as a parody site of thingiverse, an open-source community where artists and engineers shared printer-ready 3D designs of anything they could think of. But what began as a jokey curation of suspiciously phallic designs quickly drew non-jokey demand for open source, customizable sex toy prototypes. Now the site's moderators are planning to revamp the Dongiverse to become a Deviant Art of downloadable dongs.


    Think of an ultra-precise glue gun: this is how 3D printers make objects, caking layers upon layers of polymers until the whole model is complete. Right now, the printed objects themselves are often rough and not body-safe, with crevices that collect gunk easily. People usually recast the models in silicon before use.

    A mini cottage industry is already springing up around the concept, with the New York Toy Collective scanning people's appendages and printing them into custom gifts, and MakerLove offering free models for anyone with access to the right printers.

    Below is a gallery of what you can download for free from MakerLove.

    Hello Kitty

    The Swirl

    The Plug-And-Play

    The Freaky Freud

    The Fist

    And of course, the Justin Bieber


    Rule of the internet: anything open-source and user-created will eventually lead to Bieber. Reducto ad Bieberum, yall.