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Viper Marinating In Chinese Wine Bites Woman

Did you know snake nerves preserve for a year in wine?

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After being treated with antidotes, Liu was released from the hospital. Doctors warn, however, that snakes can lie dormant in liquor for months and even years.

Hong Kong's Next Media reports that in 2009, a man was bitten by a poisonous tiger snake in Hubei after marinating it for 60 days. In 2001, a Guangxi man died when a cobra bit him after sitting in a home brew for a year.

Here is a viper wine recipe translated from Baidu, which the home brewers likely followed:

"Catch a viper and keep it in a clean tank for a month without food. Wait until snake expels all excrements. Wash and dry the live viper, then seal it in a fifty-plus proof liquor. This brew is best enjoyed between two and twelve months after marinating."