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The Most Ridiculous Finale To Any Japanese Comic Series Ever

Probs NSFW for comedic gore. What happens when editors decide to abruptly cancel a Japanese comic mid-series?

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This is "Mitokon," a comic about a little girl who shape-shifts into a gross dragon when she's angry.

Princess Mitochondria has been trapped by her doting grandfather in her castle. She wants to escape her castle and roam the earth, fighting aliens and becoming a Robin Hood-like gentleman robber. Sounds like a normal enough premise, right? What could go wrong with such cute character designs?


To be fair, Man Gataro is a famous troll in the manga world, and has always reveled in a grotesque "Garbage Pail Kids" sort of aesthetic.

"Battlefield Baseball" is his newest series, about armed supernatural militias of baseball warriors duking it out in nine innings. See the insane trailer for the movie adaptation for yourself:

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