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The Best Comics About Jean Grey And Cyclops' Slobby Domestic Life

Max Wittert imagines Scott and Jean using their power for mundane domestic squabbles and they're hilarious.

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Since last September, Max Wittert has been making hilarious comics about Jean and Scott as slacker roommates lavishing their superpowers on mundane domestic squabbles.

"Like most of my comic work, the whole thing was based off a single joke. It always drove me crazy the way Jean was so weak in that old 90's cartoon," Wittert said in email correspondence. "The Scott/Jean relationship I've been developing is actually just based on my roommates'. With certain mutations."

Recently, he caught the attention of Marvel, which asked him to contribute a story in X-Men #25.

"I walked into my living room and my roommates were sitting on the couch and I told them about the email [from Marvel] and they just laughed at me. Then they realized I wasn't joking and freaked out. They're very excited to see their relationship broadcasted like this."

Basically a fan comics dream come true. Congrats to Max! You can check out a few more of these comic below.

Episode 1:

Episode 7:

Episode 2:

Episode 6:

You can check out more of these on Max's Tumblr.

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