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14 Online Comics Censored In China

Web comics removed by censors from China's Weibo social network.

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10. On the 1.5 million applicants seeking 10,000 Chinese government jobs in November 2013:

"1.5 million applicants applied for 10,000 government jobs — it's not about work. It's about winning the chance to take bribes." Read about the government's job tests in November 2013.

11. "Restoring Chinese Civilization: 62% complete... Warning: system will collapse if cancelled."

In 2012, the Chinese Communist Party endorsed a baffling study that said China was "62% complete" with restoring its former glories as a world power. Cartoonists on Weibo were amused.


14. On the biggest public trial of a Chinese official in a decade:

Who knew that a disgraced politician whose wife murdered a businessman could still be the most beloved official in China? Read about Bo Xilai's live-tweeted public trial here.