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    14 Online Comics Censored In China

    Web comics removed by censors from China's Weibo social network.

    1. An edited textbook, which briefly became a meme.

    2. Mao's portrait with an air pollution mask.

    3. On Chinese activist Xu Zhiyong's arrest:

    4. On manufacturing consent:

    5. On censoring the source of education:

    6. On China's City Police

    7. On food safety:

    8. Photo compilation identifying the expensive watches on the wrists of supposedly low-wage local officials.

    9. On film director Zhang Yimou's (Raise The Red Lantern, Hero) whopping $1.2 million fine for violating the one-child policy:

    10. On the 1.5 million applicants seeking 10,000 Chinese government jobs in November 2013:

    11. "Restoring Chinese Civilization: 62% complete... Warning: system will collapse if cancelled."

    12. "Where there are CPC party members, there is calamity."

    13. On CCTV trying to drum up Starbuck's latte pricing as China's big social justice issue.

    14. On the biggest public trial of a Chinese official in a decade:

    H/T ProPublica, BlockedOnWeibo, and FreeWeibo for indexing censored Weibo content.

    Translations by Kevin Tang.