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The 29 Must-Read Web Comics Of 2013

Find your new favorite artists and comic strips.

1. Animal Facts by Gemma Correll

New ways to look at your pets.

2. Misc. Comics by Brandon B.

Video games, geek culture, body horror. Always funny, occasionally NSFW.

3. "Dorris McComics" by Alex Norris

If the punchline only makes one supernatural leap, consider it one of the less wild strips.

4. "Doodle Time" by Sarah Andersen

If you ever feel anxious or overwhelmed, Sarah's comics will be your pal.

5. "Perry Bible Fellowship" by Nicholas Gurewitch

Pangaea's having some fart drama, and PBF is finally back after a few year's hiatus (!).

6. Misc. Comics by Joan Cornella

Joan's sense of humor just might be a few shades darker than even Perry Bible Fellowship's.

7. "Big Busty Psychic Celeb Votes Satan" by Benjamin Urkowitz

This celeb is so popular she can bend space and time and advertise a war. Reads like an glitter-punk alien's sendup of celeb culture. Buy the book here.

8. "Twitter: The Comic" by @Vectorbelly

Mike Rosenthal makes comics out of weird Tweets he comes across.

9. "SixSixFive Comics" by Jeffrey S. Power

An early aughts web comic enjoying a revival on Tumblr.

10. "Gunshow Comic" by KC Green

Gunshow's been taking longer flights of fancy in 2013 and they're totally insane and lovely.

11. Misc. Comics by Seo Kim

Seo knows how you feel. She's also a storyboard artist for "Adventure Time."

12. "Achewood" by Chris Onstad

2013 is also the year when Achewood came back from Hiatus. Rejoice!

13. "UP and OUT" by Jeremy Kaye

Daily frustrations are best dealt with aggressively.

14. "Incidental Comics" by Grant Snider

Observations on literature, art, parenting, and being a dang adult.

15. Misc. Comics by Mare Odomo

Maré's spare internet output mostly functions as calling cards for his wonderful zines, but everything he puts on his Tumblr is a delight.

16. "Boy's Night" by Max Landis and AP Quach

Disney as written by Judd Apatow. These Disney characters are now ruined child stars in Hollywood drowning their mid-llife crises in debauchery. I promise it's much more heartening and less cynical than that sounds.

17. "Out of Skin" by Emily Carroll'

No one quite does surreal psychological horror like Carroll does. Her print debut's forthcoming, and she's having a pretty great year.

18. "Bartkira" by 768 artists on Tumblr

When cartoonist James Harvey called on artists on Tumblr to redraw the manga classic "Akira" with Simpsons characters, he probably didn't expect to create the biggest crowdsourced comics project ever. Follow the #Bartkira tag on Tumblr. New pages are still being inked every day.

19. "The Softest Shadow" by Sloane Leong

Two friends in the Caribbeans go on a fruit-picking errand and dare each other to explore a cave. Whether their encounters there are terrifying or comforting, we're not sure, but Sloane is a talent to watch out for.

20. "Fasting" by Kazuo Umezu

Fat-shamed and jilted Tomoko starts a revenge plot in this 8-page comic, and the ending is as unexpected as it is hilariously violent. Penned in 2005, but translated online this year.

21. "Oyster War" by Ben Towle

"Tin Tin" meets Thomas Pynchon's "Mason & Dixon" in this tale of an oyster-reliant Maryland town trying to fend off pirates. Like all good maritime fantasies, Commander Bulloch leads a colorful and international crew aboard his ship.

22. "Hyperbole And A Half" by Allie Brosh

Allie's brand of illustrated essays have always been beloved, but it was Depression, Part II that made her a household name. Probably the most accurate description of clinical depression you'll find anywhere.

23. "Goodnight Billy Moon" by Ian Chachere

The real Christopher Robins had a fraught relationship with his famous author father. Warning: this comic's a tearjerker, but more than anything, it's lyrical, elegiac, well-scripted.

24. "Taxi" by Anatola Howard

A carnivore's dystopian nightmare: meat has been banned in this fantasy-critter world, sparking an illegal steak trade. From Wolfenjump, an upcoming anthology curated by the ultra-talented Rory Morris and Jen Lee. Read the whole anthology here.

25. "Questionable Content" by Jeph Jacques

You've followed these roommates' young adult fumbling for a decade, and now it's QC's tenth-year anniversary. One of the longest continuing serials in web comics, QC is like that beloved old TV show you grew up with. It's also not above cracking a good cloaca joke.

26. "Bug Boys #1-8" by Laura Knetzger

There's an essential sweetness to every comic Knetzger does, no matter how fantastical the premise (in this case, it's a group of bug friends trying their best not to be jerks to each other).

27. "Backyard" by Sam Alden

A taut short story of bickering roommates in a co-op, where the least passive aggressive member self-identifies as a dog and refuses to talk or walk upright anymore.

28. "Dance Yourself To Death" by Luke Howard

Making art is a faustian horror. Luke Howard drew this short story for the Irene 3 Comics anthology, which you can buy here (includes awesome people like Alabaster).

29. "All Night" by Brittany Sabo

The earth has stopped turning, and creepy critters have started to spawn from the regions of perpetual night. Amidst this is an unexperienced young witch-sheriff who botches his first extermination job. Sabo blends high fantasy with the wryly humdrum (he drives a shitty car and needs a witchery license), and her art is always immaculate.

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