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Meet China's Coolest Progressive Photo Artist

Wang Qingsong takes months to stage breathtakingly huge photo murals.

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Wang Qingsong is both the most celebrated and the most controversial photographer in China. The photos below take him months to stage, arrange, and recruit models for, printing out to murals that span whole walls. And because of his artwork's social-critical bite, he's had his negatives confiscated by the police. Below are some of his breathtaking works, and the Chinese issues he's reflecting on.


10. And here's Wang's modern interpretation of "Night Revels of Han Xizai," a famous 10th Century scroll.

Emperor Li Yu sent a court painter to investigate the decadence of his hungover officials. You can say "Night Revels" was like publishing drunk Instagrams of our Congressmen, or something. Of course modern China's no stranger to official scandals either.

Scroll through Wang's massive photo mural here.