15 Insane Works Of Japanese Rice Field Art

    It's rice art festival season in Japan again. Holy hell, how do they do this?

    Every summer, at this time of the year, a quarter million tourists take scenic trains to gaze at the rice art festival in Aomori, Northern Honshu.

    The tradition started in Inakadate, a village of 8,000 hoping to revitalize its town in the early 90's.

    Hundreds of volunteers rope off patches of paddies, and plant different-colored rice strains.

    In fall, they harvest around the farm art too.

    Sometimes they're used as advertising. Is that a Facebook "Like" I see?

    This one urges you to shove "Tsugaru Roman" rice into your mouth-hole.

    Most of them depict Japanese folklore.

    Some of them draw from J-Pop culture.


    Good job, Japan. This is hecka neat.