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    Working In America Vs. Working In Other Industrialized Countries

    How many vacation days do Italians get? Does Canada work less than we do? Well...

    Here's how many vacation days the average employee in each country gets:

    Via Data via InfoPlease.

    Sorry, Americans! But at least you have more vacation days than Chinese workers?

    Here's how many hours you work each year, depending on your country:

    Average parental leave for full-time employees:

    From a 2008 study by The Center for Economic and Policy Research. Sorry, Americans, it's not the norm to get paid leave for taking care of a newborn.

    Think taxes are high in America? Here's how much unmarried people in the top-earner bracket are taxed around the world:

    Figures from KPMG.

    Cheers to us Americans: working hard, not taking vacations, and having little time to raise our kids.

    But for the Gatsbys among us: hey, lower tax rates?

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