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How Chinese Bloggers Throw Anti-Valentine's Parties

A V-Day inspiration: Singles can have their own parties, sales, and flash mobs too. How else would you endure three Valentine's Days?

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Meanwhile, in another country, folks were getting way fed up with all V-Day related activities.


Some Kuso pranksters in Taiwan (think 4chan sensibilities) started a meme called 去死去死團, which roughly translates to the Go Straight To Hell Coalition. It's not as threatening to couples as it sounds. When a friend breaks up, you can throw a bash welcoming him/her back into the unofficial group.


Hey, you would too if your country celebrated both Qixi Lover's Day and the Western V-Day.


Taiwan sometimes also celebrates White Valentine's on March 14, when women are supposed to buy chocolates for their beaus.

And you thought you were sick of V-Day.

On both Valentine's days, restaurants start to look like this:


Some places give out free drinks and desserts if couples kiss on the spot. Others have menus specifically catered for folks on dates. Typically they suggest pork, salads, and citrusy foods for women, and savory, meatier foods for men.

If all of this sounds commercial and overbearing to you — you're right, it totally is.


So every year, the merry V-Day pranksters take to the streets and cause havoc.

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