24 Funny Comics Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

    From internet veterans to Tumblr newcomers, these online comic artists will make your Mondays better.

    1. Safely Endangered

    2. Time Is A Flat Circus

    A Tumblr of "True Detective" quotes overlaid on "Family Circus" comics.

    3. Infinite Nap

    4. Huge Cartoons

    5. Butt Poems

    6. Amazing Super Powers

    7. Dakota McFadzean's Daily Comics

    8. Cutbu

    9. Jo Scribbles

    10. Left-Handed Toons

    11. Awkward Zombie

    12. Vectorbelly

    13. Married To The Sea

    14. Happyjar's The Adventures of Business Cat

    15. Pie Comic

    16. Cyanide And Happiness

    17. Owl Turd

    18. Eelhips

    19. Noob The Loser

    20. Anything from Lisa Hanawalt

    So pissed this Cathy swimsuit only exists in my imagination

    21. For Lack Of Better Comic

    22. Jim Benton

    23. Eunnieboo

    24. Little Harley Things

    For more artists to follow, check out our previous comic reading recommendations here and here!

    Have an awesome Monday. 。◕‿◕。