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    12 Dishes You Should Beg Your Local Chinese Restaurant To Serve

    If you're sick of General Tso's and crab rangoon, nudge your local Chinese joint to add these to the menu.

    1. Beef Noodle Soup

    2. Smoked Shanghainese Yellowfish

    3. Spicy Garlic Bacon

    4. Taiwanese Salt & Pepper Fried Chicken

    5. Yunnan Cross Bridge Noodles

    6. Liangi Pi Cold Noodles

    7. Hunan Cumin Lamb Ribs

    8. Hot and Sour Potato

    9. Soup Dumplings

    10. Beijing bean paste pork in wrap

    11. Szechuan Pickled Mustard Fish Stew

    12. Southern Lu Wei Braise