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    Chinese Internet Trolls Make The Best Origami Cranes

    From symbol of prayer to symbols of Weibo trollcraft.

    In Japanese mythology, folding a thousand paper cranes grants you a wish. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial can be found wreathed in millions of paper cranes at any time of the year. In China, paper cranes also grace hospitals, schools, and sites of disaster, as the equivalent of a candle lit in prayer.

    More recently, Chinese Weibo users decided that classic origami was a smidge too solemn for its own good and needed a bit of an upgrade. This became a meme:

    Hideo Komatsu


    The crane who ran into hard times.

    The crane who died for your goddang sins.

    The crane with a sick tote.

    Totes inappropes.

    Too much.

    Crane-style kung fu.

    Time to wax your legs, crane.

    Run free on your creepy legs.

    Weibo meme meets 4chan meme. The internet collapses into a dark slimehole.

    Okay, that's it. You're too much for me, Weibo.