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    Chinese Dissident Ai Weiwei Has A Heavy Metal Single

    Warning: NSFW language. He says he prefers the fake prison in his music video to the boredom of the real one.

    Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei released a heavy metal song called "Idiot BoYi."

    The music video depicts his two months in isolated detention, after he tweeted his support for Arab Spring-inspired protests in China in 2011.

    He said his music debut was inspired by a bored prison guard asking him if he could sing a song.

    "[The song] doesn't sound very good, because I don't have any real skill," he told Reuters.

    Ai also told WSJ China that he's not afraid of people calling the lyrics immature. "I'm an immature man," he said.

    He recreated his prison cell for his video, dressing in drag, dancing with young women, showering as guards watch.

    Ai Weiwei says this song's for the thousands still detained in China and receiving very little media attention.

    The song's designed to be censored in China, but fans are already creating fan art.

    Youtube reviews are sort of mixed:

    Watch the whole music video here:

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