25 Bold Animal Fashion Statements

Lookbook for trend-forward animal jetsetters.

1. Rude ‘Tude Mojave Ensemble

3. Yellow Shiba Shawl With Oval Velma Glasses

5. Equestrian Slutshaming Ribbons (Family Value 12-Pak)

6. Boulder Chick Beanie

7. 80’s Bad Boy Ensemble

8. Canine Mall Tee

9. Alley Tomcat Pleather Side-zip

10. Classic Knit Possum Sweater

11. Pouch-babz Triplet Shawls

12. Gluten Pidgeon Scoop Neck

14. Hecka Rude Dogscaping

15. Koala Heritage Ribbed Vest

17. Shepherd Shame Starfish Bonnet

18. Bow-wow West Egg Bowtie

19. Swaggy Bearded Dragon Bowler Hat

20. Tumblr-core Rapper Ensemble

22. Cool Ranch Aviators With Roo Fedora

23. Cholesterol Spirit Hoods

25. Canine Tenure Argyle

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