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8 Silly Assumptions In Peter Shih's San Francisco Rant

Silicon Valley start-up founder Peter Shih riles San Francisco community with classist, sexist "satire."

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Yesterday, Peter Shih (founder of Celery) caused an uproar on Twitter by posting this list of things he hated about San Francisco. To some, he needlessly ladled sexism and classism onto some valid complaints about the city's infrastructure. To others, Shih is emblematic of a sort of quantitatively savvy, but philosophically vacuous Silicon Valley Tech Start-Up Bro that has blithely steamrolled over other communities in the Bay Area for decades.

Below are some of the things he implies in his 'satire':

1. "Normal upstanding citizens" don't live in the Bronx. Never mind if they were born and raised there, or are priced out of Manhattan. "Upstanding citizens" live in Manhattan. Meanwhile, crime should happen near the "Bronx-people."

3. Women should be ranked on a 10-point scale of attractiveness AND a "9" is entitled to act like "a bitch all the time."

Is he implying that kindness is only a symptom of unattractiveness? Are we in middle school?


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