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    8 Accurate Comics About The Anxiety Of Writers

    "Was it worth avoiding my friends to revise my novel for the 400th time?"

    1. "Why would anyone read my shit if they can read Anne Carson/Toni Morrison/George Saunders?"

    2. "Why do I want to be a writer, anyway?"

    3. "Will I have energy to write after my day job?"

    4. "Was it worth devoting my every weekend to writing?"

    5. "Why are musicians/actors/directors so much more well-known than us?"

    6. "What do I really mean by 'Writer's Block'?"

    7. "Why can't I just be a big fish in a small pond?"

    8. "Will I still be writing in five years?"

    But hey, at least you're no longer that idle critic who throws bricks at other artists' windows. No one likes that guy. You know how hard it is.