768 Artists Are Redrawing Akira Comics With Simpsons Characters

Biggest Crowd-sourced comic ever? On Tumblr, James Harvey galvanized comic artists to reinterpret more than 2,000 pages of “Akira” comic with Simpsons character.

These artists make better Akira casting decisions than Hollywood.

When comic artist James Harvey called on his friends to reinterpret Akira (a seminal cyberpunk comic/anime, one of Kanye West’s favorites) with Simpsons characters, he did not image how many submissions he’d get. The result is one of the largest crowd-sourced comics projects Tumblr has ever seen. 768 artists are now reinterpreting over 2,000 pages of this comic, each of them drawing up to 6 pages.

Sweet Tumblr geekdom, you are a wide and zealous place.

5. Ryan Humphrey drew that first mash-up pages that inspired James Harvey to organize the project.

7. Here’s a cast list of which “Simpsons” characters play which “Akira” role:

8. And here are some sample pages so far. From SpaceAgedPolymerArt:

18. Watch the whole wild project unfold on the #Bartkira tag on Tumblr.

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