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    23 Apologies That Will Make You Less Embarassed To Be Human

    To err is human; to forgive, divine.

    1. At a Portland Church:

    2. In California, during the 2008 Prop 8 debate:

    3. Written on the walls of San Francisco in 1938:

    4. A van near Durham, UK:

    5. At a Caltrain station:

    6. When a civil rights marcher returned to Alabama:

    7. A neighbor apologizing for someone else's prank:

    8. After a kid was busted for cutting the boarding line at the airport, he went on the intercom:

    9. A former "Men's Rights" redditor, apologizing to a feminist subreddit:

    10. After terrorists killed U.S. Ambassadors in Libya:

    11. A thief returns stolen wedding rings ten years later:

    12. A girl on Tumblr apologizes to her friend:

    13. Sainsbury's Twitter account, in response to customer complaint:

    14. This kid's apologies for shoplifting at Legoland:

    15. These thoughtful parents on a long flight:

    16. This penitent ex-bully on AskMetaFilter:

    17. A junior ranger apologizes for pilfering sticks at Yosemite National Park:

    18. A Portland bike thief pleads understanding:

    19. When a Twitter user trolled a U.K. boxer:

    20. This apology balloon:

    21. People around the world, accepting Americans' apology for electing Bush:

    22. George H.W. Bush, on the Japanese internment camps:

    23. This Canadian thief who returned a stolen XBox, and paid for repairs for a ripped screen door:

    We are all waiting for someone to apologize to us. And someone out there is still waiting for us to apologize.