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23 Apologies That Will Make You Less Embarassed To Be Human

To err is human; to forgive, divine.

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6. When a civil rights marcher returned to Alabama:


Current Montgomery police chief Kevin Murphy apologized last month on behalf of Alabama police for allowing the Freedom Riders to be beaten by white mobs in 1961. He also gave Rep. John Lewis his police badge.

“I’ve been arrested and jailed many times, especially during the ’60s—about 40 times," Rep. John Lewis said. "And never has a police officer offered to apologize."

The 12-time congressman also relayed a story of a man bringing his son to his office and asking for forgiveness for beating him. "I said, 'I accept your apology.' He started crying. He gave me a hug. I hugged him back, and we both started crying."


9. A former "Men's Rights" redditor, apologizing to a feminist subreddit:

"I made a lot of snap judgments. I said some very mean spirited stuff towards some of you here, stuff I reread now and I feel a great deal of shame for." Read the entire message here.


Realizing the boxer was on his way to his house, the troll immediately apologized. They reconciled on television. "It takes a big man sometimes to say sorry and I've done plenty of daft things in my time, so your apology is accepted," Woodhouse said.

We are all waiting for someone to apologize to us. And someone out there is still waiting for us to apologize.