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    22 Sublime Works Of Rob Ford Fan Art

    Doge-speed you, pale emperor. The internet loves drawing him.

    1. Cosmic Rob Ford is having a bad day.

    2. A soggy scandal all around.

    3. Knuckles the Hedgehog has stern words for him.


    5. As does God.

    6. And Annoying Orange.

    7. Rob Ford couldn't care less.



    10. Rob Ford: Subway fantasizer.

    11. "Sprained blowhole"?

    12. Hammer brothers?

    13. Joker?

    14. Juggalo?

    15. Ford as Snorlax, the esteemed 143th Pokemon.

    16. Egg.

    17. Cartman.

    18. Creepy frog-baby.

    19. Rob Ford takes many shapes.


    21. Rob Ford wanted a Walmart in Kensington. That's a good way to accrue grotesque fan art.

    22. KeswickPinhead carpets TO with these collages.

    I love you, strange internet.

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