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20 Insanely Talented GIF Illustrators You Should Follow

From 8-bit humor to painterly moving comics, artists are using using GIFs in mind-blowing ways.

1. Sachin Teng

Sachin mixes realistic styles with the cartoonish and and glitched-out. He's illustrated for Adidas, Wired, and the New Yorker, among others. Read one of his Photoshop drawing tutorials here.

2. Rebecca Mock

Brooklyn-based illustrator and MICA grad. The movements in her GIF paintings tend to be subtle, atmospheric. Her works have appeared in the New York Times and the Adventure Time comics covers.

3. Joe Maccarone

Baltimore art student with an eerie, Lynchian sense of scene.

4. Jen Lee

5. Yang Hua Chun

China-based animator, a known preferrer of hand-drawn over CGI who seemingly practices some sort of calligraphy-animating witchcraft.

6. Lacey Micallef

Hilarious, pop-inflected, and terrifyingly prolific. Have you seen her collaborations with Octopus Pie's Meredith Gran?

7. Ryan Andrews

Ryan may not draw in GIFs very often, but it's a delight when he does. He's done comics like Sarah and the Seed and Our Bloodstained Roof (which was nominated for an Eisner Award).

8. Cindy Suen

9. Boulet

10. Uno Moralez

Moscow-based pixel painter, a sinister and unique take on old computer game aesthetics.

11. Robin Davey

A London-based artist, animator, and director inspired by mid-century illustrations.

12. Matthew DiVito (Mr. Div)

A very different sort of illustration. Matthew DiVito is a motion graphic artist who creates geometric, often cosmic-seeming scenes in Gifs.

13. Christina Lu

Our lovely co-worker and illustrator! Sundae Stroll won the 2013 PBS Thirteen Reel 13 Tumblr Month Contest.

14. Lilli Carré

Chicago-based comic artist with a knack for animating traditional media drawings.

15. Paul Robertson

16. Miguel Co

Illustrator whose works have appeared in the New York Times. Miguel's use of animation is spare but essential to the drawings they appear in.

17. Cody Walzel

Los Angeles-based animator. Check out Breadhead on Vimeo.

18. KCLogg

Animator and game designer based in Russia, with a delightful ability to make color pencil drawings into mesmerizing loops.

19. Adam Ellis

Our lovely co-worker. Check out his illustrated book!

20. Nicolas Menard

Artist and director from Montreal. If screen prints came alive, they'd probably look like Nicolas' Gif animations. Check out his short films.