18 Hilarious Artist Re-Interpretations Of Weird Things They See

Draw me like one of your anatomically alien French girls.

1. Ian Jones-Quartey’s fan art interpretation of this airbrush marvel:

2. Don’t worry, pro artists also make anatomy mistakes.

Cameron Stewart gently ribbing on the “Catwoman” cover (he’s drawn for the series before).

3. Rachel Royale draws out what makes Squall the resident dreamboat of Final Fantasy VIII.

4. This textbook doodler knew only a fowl could look so alert.

5. And only a fan can slick back this poet’s mane:

6. Have you ever played pictionary with yourself?

This artist has.

8. A legion of fedorables, hundreds in number, wardrobed out of fevered dreams.

Kevin Tang

9. Those pomeranian biceps need no saving.

10. Logos benefit from an artist’s touch, too:

13. This photo shoot is best done with a tall baby:

14. Rob Liefeld’s Captain America redrawn to show the original’s ludicrous anatomy.

15. And other examples of weird anatomy aplenty:

18. And this horse is just horrible.

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