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    18 Hilarious Artist Re-Interpretations Of Weird Things They See

    Draw me like one of your anatomically alien French girls.

    1. Ian Jones-Quartey's fan art interpretation of this airbrush marvel:

    2. Don't worry, pro artists also make anatomy mistakes.

    Cameron Stewart gently ribbing on the "Catwoman" cover (he's drawn for the series before).

    I really don't know about this new Catwoman design

    Cameron Stewart@cameronMstewart

    I really don't know about this new Catwoman design

    12:00 PM - 12 Jun 12ReplyRetweetFavorite

    3. Rachel Royale draws out what makes Squall the resident dreamboat of Final Fantasy VIII.

    4. This textbook doodler knew only a fowl could look so alert.

    5. And only a fan can slick back this poet's mane:

    6. Have you ever played pictionary with yourself?

    7. S/P pictionary?

    8. A legion of fedorables, hundreds in number, wardrobed out of fevered dreams.

    Kevin Tang

    9. Those pomeranian biceps need no saving.

    10. Logos benefit from an artist's touch, too:


    12. As do posters:

    13. This photo shoot is best done with a tall baby:

    14. Rob Liefeld's Captain America redrawn to show the original's ludicrous anatomy.

    15. And other examples of weird anatomy aplenty:



    18. And this horse is just horrible.