19 Badasses Heroically Flipping Off Cute Animals

F*ck you, cutie. Warning: SWEARS.

1. You’re going straight to IMGUR, keyboard cat.

3. Stop tilting your head adorably at me!

4. No one out-cutes me on my watch.

5. This is for gnawing on my laundry.

6. This dog is getting hecka slutshamed.

7. This love is so wrong, swan.

8. Do not unleash your passion-creativities at Full Sail University, elephant.

9. This is for knocking over all our cups, cat.

(Cat remains unrepentant; does not understand middle fingers.)

14. Dog: “I’ve had better burritos anyway.”

15. Dog: “That’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

16. Dog: “Well, fuck YOU, I’m Shrek.”

17. Bat [shrieking in ultrasound]: “Your mother prefers Bud Lime to Bud Regular.”

18. Entire zoo: “No, YOU eat it.”

Let the animals respond to their critics:

19. Alright, enough. Truce.

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