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    16 Comics That Socially Nervous People Understand

    Cringe in the corner and feel really badly about yourself.

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    1. This is your manicure:

    You don't even know you're doing it.

    2. This situation is worse than death:

    Kevin Tang

    3. Every hug is a lottery for calamity:

    4. Every pissed off stranger lingers with you for days.

    5. You run the faucet whenever you visit the bathroom at a friend's house.

    6. You constantly wonder if your favorite people are just tolerating you.

    7. You dread having to push past people at concerts.

    Kevin Tang
    Kevin Tang

    8. You beat yourself up over comments like this:

    9. You read sarcasm into every conversation.

    10. You assume every passive-aggressive Facebook status is about some shitty thing you've done.

    11. Whenever you can't remember someone's name:

    Kevin Tang

    12. This is a nightmare:

    You've developed extreme diplomacy to avoid this. But still, you screw up.

    13. You assume your pettiest mistakes are already notorious.



    16. To quote the great leaders of history:

    Kevin Tang

    Comics by Claire Jarvis, Ashton Olive and Extra Fabulous Comics and our syndicated cartoonists Jeremy Kaye, Drew Toothpaste, KC Green, and Cyanide And Happiness.