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    24 Rudest Things In Animal Crossing

    A hundred m*therf*ckers can't tell Isabelle nothin'.

    1. This mayor who called her town "My Butt."

    2. Guess what the mayor's house looks like.

    3. Rude.

    4. Worst secret Santa ever.

    5. I beg your pardon?

    6. Filbert, no.

    7. Isabelle: deep in the pocket of the NSA.

    8. (Pro tip: A hundred muthafuckas can't tell Isabelle nothing.)

    9. No Claudia I will not go to r/mensrights

    10. You want public infrastructure without big Animal Crossing government?

    11. Mickey D's. In someone's home.

    12. This cruel student loan center.

    13. What would East Egg think? Hecka déclassé.

    14. Excuse me it's pronounced "jif."

    15. Creepy fan-shrine, bro.

    16. Passive aggro neighbors get stitches.

    17. Dad shhhh you're embarrassing me.

    18. Animal Crossing QR code. On the back of some dude's head.

    ...What fabric pattern is this?


    19. This is not polite conversation.

    20. The toilet's not a polite place to talk.

    21. ...This Irish sweet-talker.

    22. This worst thing ever.

    23. This Hyrule vandal.

    24. This dictatorship.