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    13 Most Horrifying Birds In The Universe

    Birds of a feather burn the world together. Tru scientifique faxx only.

    1. True scientific fact: the godzilla parrot drove all superheros to extinction

    2. The PH level of an acid owl's spittle is -9,000

    3. The lich cormorant builds its nests from human femurs

    4. Drill owls can fly right through a tank's armor

    5. Its only natural predator is the drill cat

    6. The stomping duck buried all of North Korea's nukes

    7. Pterocranes plucked Amelia Earhart out of the sky

    8. Bicep gulls preside over thrones of skulls

    9. Why. Why is this even happening.

    10. This octo-owl will trail its moist tentacles across your cheek at night

    11. 12.5% of the world's knife crimes are contributed by this golden eagle alone

    12. The cerebrus cockatrice nagged half of '50s teenagers to death

    13. And this galactic songbird exploded over Siberia